Tarot is an intuitive tool that serves as a mirror to reveal truths about our own individual patterns and stories. The 78 cards in a tarot deck use archetypes and iconography to help us explore the wild landscape of the human experience and the themes that we all must navigate on our own journeys. By reflecting upon the symbolism of the cards in relation to our own lives, we can uncover new revelations to assist us along our path. The cards offer a fresh lens with which to consider our present reality, as well as re-examine the past and explore the future arc of time with deeper self-awareness and compassion.

Skye has studied tarot for the past five years with masters of the craft such as Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing, Robert M. Place and The Tarot Society in Brooklyn, NY. Skye is a resident reader at Scarlet Sage & Anchor Meditation in San Francisco as well as Old Crow Tattoo in Oakland.

A tarot reading with Skye is an intimate and transformative ritual, designed to help you reflect on your own experiences and uncover new perspectives to navigate your life path with greater awareness and insight.

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